Below are the rates for accommodation at Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite.

All the Rates are based on a single person (1 PAX) per night rate. For groups of more than one, the total price is the room rate multiplied by the number of guests.

These rates are for the various Rooms, Tents and Camping options. Go through them carefully and make a choice of which option works best for you.

Alternatively, you can directly send us an e-mail at or give us a call at +256 772 956537, +256 782 619725 0r +256 786 613313.

Ruhija Gorilla Friends Rates

Self-contained rooms

Our self-contained rooms have private ensuite bathrooms.

#  Single room   Double room   Tripple room 
Bed & Breakfast 

50 USD 

100 USD  150 USD

65 USD

130 USD  195 USD
Fullboard 70 USD

140 USD

  210 USD

Non-self-contained rooms

Our Non-self-contained rooms use shared private bathrooms located just outside the room.

#  Single room   Double room  Tripple room 
Bed & Breakfast 

 30 USD

 60 USD  90 USD
Halfboard  45 USD  90 USD

 135 USD

Fullboard 50 USD  100 USD  150 USD


We have a well maintained camping ground that can accommodate many tents. If you intend to rent a tent from us, talk to us ahead of time.

#  With your own tent   A tent rental from us 
Bed & Breakfast 

 10 USD

 15 USD

 25 USD

 30 USD

 30 USD

 35 USD


Meals & Community walk

Here are the rates for the meals served at Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite. Please note that meals are prepared on order by the chef and should be ordered ahead of time to avoid waiting for long periods.

# Items Prices


 5 USD - 10 USD 


Community Walks   20 USD

Important Notes.

Groups get a 10% Discount and children below 10 are not charged.

Please remember that all rates are based on a single person (1pax) rate.

All rooms and tents are within range of the free wifi connection that is available at any time of the day.

Self Contained Rooms and Tents have a private bathroom and toilet inside the room with running water. The rooms and Tents which are not self-contained use outside bathrooms and toilets which are also well outfitted with running water.

All Bathrooms are very clean and in proper working conditions.

You are encouraged to book in time so that your reservation is kept. Our accommodation gets filled up very quickly, so it is better to reserve in time so that we can get ready for you in advance.

Whatever your choice of accommodation, we ask that you communicate with us early so that we can prepare and be ready to offer you the best stay in Ruhija.

Reach out through any of the Phone Numbers or send us an email through our contact form on this website.