Besides accommodation, there is a vast list of activities which will make your stay in Ruhija something that stays with you forever. While we don't necessarily carry out these activities ourselves, we do take you to the right place and people who will engage you in the various activities.

Our location in Ruhija makes for a lot of activities to take part in especially gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is very popular - the world over. However there are other activities that you can engage in outside of the National park, these are; 

  1. Community Walks. Community walks in Ruhija are very popular as they allow you to learn more about the people in more interesting ways. Community walks can be arranged to visit local herbalists, local waterfalls, a local blacksmith and cultural dances. Community walks are not carried out by Ruhija Gorilla friends but our staff will take you to the trusted people who handle community walks.
  2. Hiking in the nearby village. Like community walks, Ruhija Gorilla Friends doesn't carry out this activity but take you to trusted people who will be happy to help out.
  3. Visiting schools. While visiting in Ruhija, you can also visit the local schools and know more about the local community.
  4. Traditional storytelling. You can listen to traditional storytellers as they tell you the stories that have been passed down for generations upon generations in Kigezi.
  5. Community handcraft shops. In Ruhija, you will find several handicraft shops where you can buy various pieces of art and memorabilia to remind you of your stay in Ruhija.
  6. Birding around the camp. While you are at the Campsite, you won't have to leave to see various species of birds, chameleons and monkeys that come around due to the natural forest we have planted around the campsite.